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The closure of all cultural institutions has brought many artists and creatives to financial instability. The platform Kultura doma offers an easy way of moving artistswork to the online realm thanks to an intuitive and free sign-up system and a high-quality streaming interface. Besides that, it also enables them to sell tickets for their live-streams. Part of the money from the sales will be sent to Czech Red Cross, that helps to fight the coronavirus, so that we can hopefully all soon reunite in theatres or clubs. Until then, sign-up to the platform, introduce your work to broad audiences, plan your live-streams and share it on your social media. Are you ready to shine?

Get involved


You have to sign-up to use the platform. Thanks to the software developers from Siesta Cloud, it is an easy and user-friendly process. For a smooth and intuitive running of the platform, you can edit all the necessary details, such as photos or bank account, directly in the profile section.

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself and your project in the accurate art category to help the viewers to look you up without any problems. Add photos, description, and refine all the final touches.

Plan the event

Create a new event with a photo and a brief description. Don’t forget to mention the price of the ticket, the exact day and time of the live-stream. Make sure to plan ahead, so that together, we could choose the right propagation strategy and share the event with as many people as possible.

Invite your fans

Share the link to the event on your social media, and remind your friends and fans about the live-stream. You can check the number of purchased tickets in your profile so that you can always keep an eye on how many people plan to watch the live-stream.

Connect to the audience

Double-check your equipment

It is essential to double-check and prepare the technical equipment needed for the stream, as well as your hardware (notebook or phone). Besides that, you would also need recording software, such as OBS. You can find all the details regarding the technicalities of the streaming in the help section and keep in mind that this part of the preparation is crucial for a problem-free live-stream! In case of any problems, contact our technical support and they will sort it out!

Prepare the performance

Take a moment to reflect on the performance in advance - it is better to have some clear ideas about its content! For best impressions, think about the general atmosphere and the setting. You should also test that everything works as smoothly. If you have any questions, reach out to us in the live chat - we are available most times and we will definitely help you. Least but not last, don’t forget to feed your pet before you start the live-stream so that it doesn’t bother you during your show!

Live-stream is on!

There is one last step to make it all work - just paste the streaming link to the recording software - and your live-stream is on! If something is not right, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here for your support and we will shortly get rid of any bugs!

Thank your viewers

People need culture and you need the audience. Artists can’t really do without it, not even at home. So, thank your online viewers the same way as you would do after the performance in real life. After the live-stream has finished, we will send you the recording. Feel free to share it - but remember to tag us and spread the word. That would be the biggest reward for us.